The animals are not used only for fur, sometimes they are just used for entertainment.

There are many animals that are used with one reason: entertain us. Is then when the animal suffers a lot because the conditions and the abuses from training them. Is really nice visit the animals in a zoo or in a circus? You see the animals... but what is behind?

Do you think the zoo helps the animals that live there? Well, it doesn’t mistreat the animals, but the purpose of a zoo is to make money. It shows us that it’s good to close the animals and private them of their freedom.  In the zoos the animals have no space and they can’t run, fly or swim. Many times, the zoos are in a very bad conditions and the worry of the director is make money and the good economic position (the animals are usually the last one). 

An animal stays there since it born, or since it is very young, but what happens when it is old? Generally, it is sold (for not loose money) to circus or to a particular person. This one usually buys the animal for his own entertainment: the animal is closed in a big cage, where it can run a bit, and people pay for shoot it. Then, the death of animals is very bad. Sometimes, they are sold to cientifics for doing laboratory experimentation or sold to poor zoos or to circus. 

And.. now do you think the zoo helps animals?


 Another entertaintment related to animals is the circus. Is really fun to see the animals doing tricks? Have you ever thinked how the animals learn to do this? Well, to begin, the animals are closed in a cages which they are transportted (and this implies a temperature change, that can be bad for their health) and where they do his live. Moreover the animals suffer a constant mistreatment because the tamers teach them by hitting them. 

The training is very bad for them because it consists in psicologyc and fisichal punishment. The animals are hitted with iron bars, whips and other hardly objects and when this metod isn't enought, the animal is privated of food. It prettends that animal associates the food with the trick he has to do. The tamers give they food in front of the spectators because then they think the tamers teach the animals with food. Really, it not happens, the animal see the whip and remember the pain that he had suffered. They have a constant fear and obey because of it.


A zoo and a circus are similar because both have the animals closed in cages, where they are privatted of their natural behaviour. The animals, because of the boredom and the stress, become crazy, and do repetitive movements, an illness called "zoocosis".


 Thinking in another tipe of "zoo", there are the aquariums, where you can see dolphins, wales, etc. This animals come from the oceans, a very big place. Where they stay now? They are in a swimming pools, a very limmited place. Do you think that they are happy? They want his ocean, his place... Moreover, the dolphins are very emotional, and they suffer from depression when they are separatted from their family... Do you think in it? Can you imagine this situation?


A part from zoos and circus, there are more activities that are a entertaintment for the people who say them and implicate painfull and death of many animals. You can think this things occur very far of here, Spain, but... what happens with the spanish traditions? What can you tell me about the bullfights?

The bulls are growed up only for this activity. The bull had been closed in the darkness 24 hours before of the show because when he sees the light and hears the screams of the people, he try to scape and find an exit. For this reason, the bull seems wild and dangerous, but the nature of a bull is not to attack. The horse used for this show doesn't have comercial power, he deaths 3 o 4 days latter than the show. The function of the bullfighter consists in waeken the bull by sticking it a "banderilla" that destroy his muscles and injuring his nervous and his blood vessels. The "banderillas" are sticked in the same site to keep the bleeding. These ones are moving constantly because of the movements of the bull, and it generates a big pain. When the spears doesn't let that the bull can move naturally, when the backbone is very hurted, the bullfighter walks for the bull ring hearing the applauses of the happy people. Is then, when the killing enter in the bull ring and the bull is pierced with a sword (of 80cm) that destroys everything. Then, the bull is still alive and he suffers a big bleeding (he bleed trough the mouth and the nose), sometimes he deaths drowned in his own blood.  So, the bull El día 29 de julio fuimos cerca de 15 miembros de GARRA (Grupo de Activistas Radicales por la Revolución Animal) a protestar frente a la plaza de toros portátil de la feria de Ecatepec, esta corrida sería la segunda y última de este año organizada por el look for an exit that release from this pain and suffer, but he is kniffed with "descabello", a long sword that ends with a razor (of 10cm). Usually the animal doesn't death because of his big power, but he falls to the floor. Then, his arterys and the spinal cord are damaged with the "puntilla" (of 10cm). The bull are at a standstill, he can not move any muscle of his body, he isn't owner of his body, he can't control it, but he is, in each moment, conscious of all the horror.

Can you imagine, can you imagine the painful, the torture? Is nice to be a bullfigther?

I can't believe that there are people who enjoy seeing this "show". Could you think what a bull would say to you if he could?

He only want to live...






The poachers stole young cubs by killing their mother or while her is away. It is an illegal capture and is an important issue because is threatening the populations in the wild. Is then when many cubs die from dehydration or neglect (before they are sold).

Well, they are sold for training and then the handlers pierce the mouth and the nose to control them. So, all dancing bears have a pierced through their palate and a chain forced through. For this painful operation is not used the anaesthetic and, moreover, often the teeth are removed (or broken) to prevent injury to the handlers.

The handlers are constantly tugging on the chain and it prevents that the wounds keep fresh and not to dress. So, the bears have painful infections that have not relief because the wounds are always raw. For these reason, the bear "learn to dance", in attempt to avoid the pain.

In addition, they have a poor diet and it has consequences on their health: many go blind or suffer from cataracts (due to the lack of nutrition).

Many bears go mad, and do repetitive movements that are a show of mental damage.





It is considered a sport in Pakistan. So, there are many people who pay to see this "show". Well, at first, the teeth and the claws are removed from the bears for they can't hurt, they can move but it's a little difficult to their  defended themselves. Then, when the bear is in the place, two dogs (usually trained pit-bulls) are ready to kill it. The bear can't behave with normality, because he has not teeth! The dogs and the bear fight... the bear finish the show very harm, sometimes he dead... But the bears and the dogs keep doing other shows since they dye.



There are other tipes of beating very similars to bear beating, such us: dog fighting, cockfighting, dog-hog figthting...






In my opinion, the people who enjoy seeing this things show an insensibility and madness. I think they are heartless! All of this shows are only to entertain! I can believe that the pain, the suffer.. are forms of entertainment... Is not more funny to play with this animals? Do you have a dog, a cat, any domestic animal? Why they are importants and the others loose this power? Why? All of the animal want to live, and all deserve it!

After that, you can wonder.. what can I do?

To see the animals in their natural habitats, don't go to the zoo! Because they aren't in their habitat and they are CAGED. There are many safaris or sanctuaries where the animals are free (or protect, in sanctuaries). If you can't travel, always stay the possibility that see a documentary of any animals. If you love the animals go to their habitat, but you can satisfied with a documentary which the animals show their natural conduct, their life...

If you want to do more, there are many charities that protect the animals and are triyng to finish with their suffer. Then, you can contac whit this assiociations:


-World Society for the Protection of Animals:



Remember that only we have the power to change this. We can think, we can shout, we can express... The animals need that we do this, they don't have voice. Yes, only one person can't do so much, but all together can be a better world.




There, you can find and see videos of meastreated animals...

You can see the pain, the horror.



 You also can find to funny animals, and see how the animals can be adorables..